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Insightful design can be a powerful force of change and a cornerstone for successful growth. The goal is not just a logo, a web site, an interactive app or packaging; it’s a brand experience that shapes a perception.

Our clients benefit from principal-level involvement on every project and depend on the firm’s unique ability to support every phase of their project’s development life cycle. Logo identity, packaging, architecture, design, implementation, engineering, hosting, marketing, analytics, security, maintenance, and tools. With expertise in emerging and traditional markets, experience working with blue-chip and new chip companies. And the support of a committed team, we have been partnering with customers across North America and abroad interested in building their brand and online presence since 1996.

Our Team

Our team includes engineers, multimedia programmers, creative directors, art directors, information architects. Visual and technical designers, content specialists, project managers, and quality assurance specialists. Our programming team has expertise in e-commerce, open systems, and data integration.  Relational database back-ends, and client/server architectures, mobile application creation. Our art directors and designers have extensive experience in commercial design. Fine arts, traditional advertising, Web and mobile programming, multimedia, and print. The content specialists have expertise in a variety of media including Web writing and research, social media marketing, multimedia script development, and information design. Our information architects ensure optimal user experience, with expertise in human-computer interaction and interface development. Our project managers’ skills include communication, organizing, marketing, programming, audio, and video streaming.

Company Culture

The people of Evolve Media are its greatest resources. They distinguish us from our competition and they make our promise-keeping possible. Evolve Media is committed to its employees as individuals and strives to foster a corporate culture of mutual respect and balance. We feel this working environment translates into the highest levels of customer service for our clients.

Our work environment is highly charged and collaborative, and each employee is challenged to contribute ideas on all aspects of the business. Our employee’s interests and opinions are highly regarded and influence the company’s decisions to take on projects and challenges. Our team supports our strategic growth initiatives and is dedicated to delivering the effort necessary to achieve our client’s objectives and goals. Because of the company’s conscious approach to growth, employees are able to balance their work life. Evolve Media believes that this balance enables employees to do consistently superior work and when the need arises for extra effort and hours, contribute with energy and a positive attitude.

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