All too often, clients are mystified by the creative and strategic process that occurs behind the scenes at marketing agencies. At Evolve Media, rather than shrouding what we do behind an aura of mystery, we have designed our “Ideation” approach to be a transparent, collaborative and fun creative process. We build organically upon the foundation laid by the client, nurturing ideas in our brainstorming sessions and expanding them into award-winning and profitable solutions.

Whether the goal is a new corporate identity, an online marketing campaign, a website design, or a mobile app, our core process remains the same. We start with a core team, representing key disciplines including marketing, social media, public relations, and creative. Later in the Ideation process, the entire agency is called into a brainstorm, measure, and review results, with the client, involved each step of the way to ensure that their vision is being met.Evolve Media Ideation Process

The process is initiated with a meeting to determine and/or review project goals, budgets, and timelines. During this stage, our team takes a holistic approach to the campaign; their first priority is to understand the client’s business: its unique challenges, core competencies and the competitive landscape.

At Evolve Media, we see ourselves as an incubator for our clients’ aspirations, providing an environment where they can evolve into reality.


Our team will then begin to brainstorm. Each member of the Ideation process brings specific skill sets and responsibilities to the table. Taking the marketing side of things, we make sure that our efforts deliver a wow factor; on the social media end we ensure our efforts work on increasing brand awareness through strategic planning and proven tactics; the PR side makes certain we impart credibility and brand recognition; and the creative or design side conveys the story in print, web, and image. From out of this brainstorming process, ideas grow and visions blossom.

Our brainstorming sessions result in several options for each project, as we cull the underwhelming and refine the worthy ideas. The second part of the Ideation process includes all members of the agency.  From the project manager up to the agency principal. Once the entire team agrees on the excellence of the creative product, the client is invited to review the concepts and presentation. Only then is it released to the public via the web, print, product placement, or a marketing campaign.

The job is not finished just because the project comes to fruition. Once the creative product goes public, we analyze the response to it to determine which of the channels was the most effective. We can then focus on this strategy in the future. This culture of creativity along with our dynamic Ideation approach results in profitable long-term client relationships. Our process is fun as well as rewarding to the client, the agency, and ultimately to the customer.

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