We make sure your project is on time, on budget, and makes an impact. Strategy and services require a coherent, intelligent framework to produce the most value for your project. The Evolved Process specifies how the two will be blended to complete your project on time, within your budget, and to your full satisfaction. Our methodology serves as the game plan for both you and for us, establishing accountability, deliverables, and milestones throughout the project cycle.

The Evolved Process

  1. Define
  2. Prototype
  3. Develop
  4. Deploy
  5. Evaluation

I. Define: set objectives & schedule project

Evolve Media’s Process begins with a collective dialog that analyzes and defines your needs. We identify the main elements of the solution, making sure that they address your goals. Next, we break down each element of the solution into smaller tasks and determine what information and resources are required for each task. We then establish milestones in order to measure progress and ensure that the project remains on track.

II. Prototype: explore solutions & build a framework

After the definition phase, Evolve explores creative ways to present the business solution. For example, for web-related projects, we provide site maps and storyboards in order to demonstrate site navigation and graphic design. For back-end development, we provide specs and prototypes that demonstrate the operational flow and components of the final solution. Evolve will refine the designs to meet your expectations.

III. Develop: extend the framework

After you approve the prototype and preliminary designs, Evolve will then move to implement the solution. Extensive in-house testing will ensure that the solution has the highest quality before it is deployed. At this phase, Evolve will also develop a rollout plan. If your project is one that is web-related, this will help to assist in the successful launch of the new site.

IV. Deploy: launch & monitor

After your approval, Evolve will launch the interactive project. We will also provide programs to promote and draw visitors. Evolve will monitor and fine-tune the project in order to ensure that it meets the objectives. We will also provide plans or training for long-term site maintenance.

V. Evaluation: measure the success

At Evolve Media’s Process, we’re proud of the work we do and we always strive to deliver a product that exceeds our client’s expectations. During this evaluation phase. We reconfirm that during this evaluation phase this has been accomplished and make any necessary additions. And enhancements to our client’s project based on the goals set in the preliminary phases.

Throughout the engagement, Evolve Media partners with our clients to identify additional long-term opportunities for their projects. During this phase, these opportunities are revisited. In order to evolve the project into its next logical phase.