Starting a Newsletter to Grow Your Business

Guest Post By Chelsea Lamb

Newsletters have quickly become a popular way for small businesses to engage with their customer base, but if you don’t have any experience writing content, it can be tough knowing how to get one off the ground successfully. In this case, it would be wise to make use of some tried and tested practices and helpful online tools for the best chance at success.

Benefits of a Newsletter

  • Brand Transformation: The most important part of building a business is creating a brand that is trustworthy, recognizable, and has positive associations in the minds of your target market. Sending a newsletter to your customers helps them understand your business on a more personal level and instills confidence for future purchases.
  • Marketing: Selling products is one of the biggest advantages of running a newsletter as you’ll have the opportunity to tell people more about your products and gauge interest in products you may want to offer in the future. Since your audience has already trusted you with at least one purchase, they are likely to be receptive to the idea of buying from you again.
  • Cost: Running a newsletter is a surprisingly cheap Although there are startup costs related to the initial design, building an email list, and creating content, the return on investment is incredibly high, which makes it a worthwhile pursuit.

Creating Content

Curating the perfect content for your newsletter is a balancing act, and oftentimes requires a bit of trial and error. The specific details of your content will depend on the nature of your business, but the basics are pretty standard across the board.

Attention spans are shorter in the modern age, so it would be wise to keep your writing straightforward and without too much fluff. Make use of images and data visualization to bring your content to life and pique the interest of your readers.

Increasing Engagement

There are a number of ways to attract new subscribers to your newsletter. To begin, include information about your newsletter on your website and social media pages. Once you’ve started generating income from your newsletter, it will be easier to invest time and money into developing lead magnets and paying for sponsored ads.

Who to Hire

If your writing skills are decent, you may be able to save money on content creation by writing your newsletter yourself. However, depending on how often your newsletter is sent out, this may draw your time and attention from other aspects of your business that need you more. It may be wise to hire a freelance writer to produce your content and a virtual assistant to field customer inquiries. There are plenty of online job boards you can make use of to advertise these posts and hire professionals at a rate you can afford.

Helpful Tools

Technology has paved the way for an array of wonderfully helpful online tools to assist you with building and designing your newsletter to your liking. To start off with, you may want to opt for a PDF format as they’re easy to upload, secure, and allow for a magazine-style design. Make use of an online tool that will convert PDFs online for free, according to your preferences.

Starting a newsletter is a fun and engaging process that will help you move your business in a new direction. With the right digital marketing strategies and tools at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way to converting clicks into sales.

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