Online Marketing Ideas for 2020

Long gone is the era of traditional marketing, and now, there is no space for old-school marketers. Its the digital era now, and only marketers who could keep up with the trend waves can stick to the modern marketing industry.

The changing landscapes of marketing have brought in many evidential claims on the use of social media channels to optimize marketing touchpoints. Alongside, some marketers claim to adapt to the same print and electronic media to gain exposure. But, what is acceptable and what has provided evidential proof to the digital marketers with positive results.

From Traditional to Digital Marketing

There has been a vast impact on the industry ever since the emergence of the internet and social media. Marketers in the past were always busy finding ideas to sell their products, whereas the digital marketers are involved in adding value to the brand via content marketing.

Since traditional advertisers and marketers utilized print and electronic media, customers or audiences couldn’t find a way back to communicate with the brand. On the other side, digital marketing offers a wide space for the brands and their audiences to share and communicate with each other.

Here is how you could boost the conversions and sales of your brand with some essential digital marketing tips.

Tip #1: Deploy Chatbots

Marketing is all about introducing and promoting the products and services that would fulfill the requirements of the buyers. In this digital phase of marketing, chatbots are the choicest option to interact and introduce your brand to the customers and website visitors. Chatbots are configured to communicate naturally using verbal interactions to help users find what they are seeking for.

Customers and web visitors are delighted with quick and personalized responses powered by chatbots, (we have one here at the bottom left of our page), which will alternatively cost the brand less than hiring individuals for the same reason. With a quick response time, you can enhance the user experience and allow them to make their decision faster.

Chatbots, never take a break, and could save time and deliver information to the people who are visiting the your website even when you or someone on your team are unavailable.

Tip #2: Personalized Marketing

Driven by data, new media allows you to target your audience in an unparalleled way. Unlike traditional marketing channels like print and electronic media like television and radio, the internet lets you explore your section of the audience and target them accurately.

With such an opportunity, brands can customize their marketing strategies according to their group of audiences or individual customers. Personalized marketing helps you connect with your customers in enhanced ways. There are several tools available on the market, which helps you to analyze your customer’s behavior based on assumptions and past shopping history of your users.

This allows marketers to promote and showcase products similar to users’ interests and previously purchased products in a dedicated ‘recommended products’ tab.

As per studies conducted by Gartner, it says that almost 90% of the online marketers would be adopting certain forms of personalized marketing by 2020.

Tip #3: Raising SEO Standards

Just as a new update comes for smartphones, upgrades are going on regularly in the search engine industry. With the changing search algorithms, marketers have to stay modernized with next-gen search engine optimization strategies to keep up with effective search results for users.

Every algorithm has its pros and cons, depending on the marketers’ perspective. But the ultimate goal of search engines is to find the answers to their users’ questions.

Uplifting your SEO strategies would bring in high positive results in exploring new dimensions to define and introduce your unique solution to the users’ problems, leading to more exposure, sales, and conversions.

Tip #4: Prioritizing User-Generated Content

Several global brands have been taking advantage of their customers’ increased use of social media channels. User-generated content has been trending these days due to its convenience in creating content and the effective essence of word-of-mouth marketing.

UGC has been emerging to be the most effective form of content marketing, as brands are offering their followers an opportunity to represent them, and gives them a platform of influence for the brands they support. On the other side, for the brand, the images, videos, and even reviews from happy customers will gain the attention of their target audience.

There are proficient UGC platforms available on the market which deliver a range of tools to collect, curate, and display user-generated content from various social media channels. These tools let you reinforce various marketing touchpoints by leveraging relevant user-generated content to gain the trust of your audience.

Tip #5: Empower Voice-based Search

Technology takes a turn now and again. With such an instantly growing tech-hungry world, smartphones and in-home voice assistants are playing an ever increasing role. Google Assistant and Alexa seem to be a part of every family nowadays enhancing the need for traditional text-based search results.

These voice assistants listen to our voices to bring up and recite results on our smart devices as well as assists in dictating text messages, and reading material. Various brands have already powered up voice-based searches to ease their audience’s search journey.

Here are some basic ideas to power up voice-based search results:

• Understanding language plays an important role. Some people prefer searching entire sentences, whereas others mention only keywords. While optimizing voice-powered searches, make sure to use your keywords and the sentence as a whole.

• Making a conversational flow is the second vital aspect. Ensure that the cadence and punctuation used in your results are not robotic, but emulate a proper conversational tone.

• Test your results on a smart device. Check for yourself how your company or organization is represented on a relevant search. Do you even come up? If you do, how are you represented in the language and wording that you’ve used? Need help with this and related services? Let us know!

Make your Digital Marketing Move

Being a marketer, it is necessary to keep one eye on what’s going on in the marketing world and the other on your vertical market. It’s always necessary to make your essential marketing moves along with tech-savvy trends.

Just like making a website mobile-friendly as the number of mobile users has become commonplace, adapting to the tech appetites of your audience is adopting is critical.

Get a step or two ahead of your competitors with these digital marketing tips, and always be aware of the global leaders in the industry to keep yourself updated for successful brand marketing.