Free and Paid Services That Can Assist Your Business in Hitting the Mark

Guest Post By Chelsea Lamb

When it comes to customer engagement, there are myriad of things businesses can do to ensure they are optimizing their customer service processes for the better. That said, this usually involves using more of a combined approach when it comes to using paid as well as free resources so that your business can succeed in hitting the mark – all the time.

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The power of the push notification

While push notification does require some type of investment upfront, this type of marketing tool works remarkably well at reminding and persuading customers to take action where a special offer is concerned, for example. Furthermore, you will probably need to use email marketing (which can be free or paid depending on if you use an Email Services Provider or not) to get people to subscribe to your push notifications in the first place.

Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is another way of engaging with customers in an authentic and meaningful way. Again, you’ll probably need to invest in chatbot software as this is the new way to handle customer service these days because you can’t be present all the time, much less being present on various platforms at the same time.

Customer retention is key

As most business owners will know, it is far easier (and cheaper) to hold onto a loyal, existing customer than to gain a new one. This is where customer retention strategies come into play. Customer retention strategies will often deploy a host of techniques aimed at keeping customers engaged and satisfied to remain with your brand for the foreseeable future. Again, email marketing is a popular tool to use here to help build relationships with customers, as is in-app messaging when you want to focus on generating more awareness for your brand.

Project management tools

Project management tools are also great to use if you want to manage your business all from one piece of software. Moreover, many of these project management tools like Asana and Trello are easy enough to use despite their clever design and can assist you in overseeing and streamlining multiple projects at a time – for free!

Other types of software that are pretty invaluable when it comes to running your business more effectively include accounting software that can provide you with quick and reliable insights into how your business is doing from a cash flow perspective. Furthermore, it should offer accurate insights into your profit and loss and balance sheet reports so that you can make better financial decisions from the top down.

Social media marketing

Social media is also an excellent platform to use to connect with customers on a friendly, authentic level. Apart from being able to connect with your audience on a global scale, social media is also highly effective at helping you build relationships with your audience, as well as building credibility and trust for your brand in the long run. And while posting content on social media is free to do, you can opt for paid advertising if you want your adverts to be strongly focused on a particular segment of the market.

Certainly, there are various ways to enhance the efficacy of running your business. Moreover, with most of these utilizing some sort of technological tool, it is most definitely worthwhile researching as many avenues as possible to ensure your customers and the state of your business is a success in the long run.

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