Opening a Business Despite Covid: Tips for Brave Entrepreneurs

Guest post by Chelsea Lamb

Covid has shaped the way we live our lives in a million ways. It has influenced businesses far and wide; some have even faced closure because of the economic fallout. Despite these factors, some brave entrepreneurs are making the choice to open a business despite the ongoing effects of  the pandemic and are exploring ways to be successful.

People working on a startup may find that focusing on tech resources is wise. Evolve Media assists companies with marketing, branding, and building an online presence. Entrepreneurs starting a business during these unpredictable times will do well to focus on establishing a strong online presence.

Establish Your Business Online

An early decision as you start the online aspect of your business is choosing a domain name. In their blog post on the topic, Evolve Media suggests choosing one that is short, memorable, and easy to type. The easier your domain name is, the more likely potential clients can find you. You may want to use free social media sites to create a following for your business, build hype, and even offer competitions that showcase your brand and offer prizes.

Tap into the magic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and consider hiring an expert to assist and manage this aspect of your company. There are free resources and analytics you can tap into, but for the best results, outsource this need. When your startup offers useful content and it is easily accessed through SEO strategies, your website gets more client interaction, which is ideal for a growing business.

Another great aspect of owning a website is the data that you can access, which can tell you a lot about your clientele and their interests. Run reports to determine your best performing products and the demographics of your client base. If you are doing well in a particular area, consider ways to expand that aspect of your business. You can also use data to learn about less popular services or goods and determine if it is worthwhile to continue those aspects of business.

Be Competitive with Customer Service Efforts

Try to differentiate your online business operations from the competition. Make customer service your “thing.” When a business is known for excellent customer service, word travels quickly. Think about ways your company can serve client needs uniquely; if you offer a particular product or service, are there additional time-saving skills or products that you can offer customers to make your business more appealing? Providing free consultation to customers is an ideal way to spend additional time with them and learn more about their needs, while offering them valuable information.

Survey customers through online resources and social media questionnaires. You may even decide to request customer feedback with each purchase or incentivize feedback with discounts. There are many ways to find out how customers feel about your business; it may help to try several different options. As important as customer service is, happy employees are another important element of a successful business. One way to accomplish this is through a seamless, consistent payroll system.

Streamline and Simplify Payroll

Using an online payroll system will simplify your life as a business owner, and please your employees with an automated system that offers accurate paychecks and direct deposit. Choosing a system with mobile accounting services will enable you to check in on the go with the comfort of knowing that the tasks of calculating, scheduling payments, and even tax filing are being managed automatically.

Opting for a streamlined payroll platform, focusing on customer service, and establishing your business online are smart strategies as you build your startup. Even during a pandemic, you can start a business.

 During your startup process, use online tools and consider the advice of professionals at Evolve Media to make it grow and thrive. Check out their services and learn how they can help you build your startup today.